Don’t roam the treacherous woods of game localization on your own.

For the night is dark
and full of errors.

Ready to gather your party?

If you hire me as your English-to-German video game localization specialist, you will automatically unlock the following classes:

Wordy Wizard

He always comes up with the right term precisely at the right time and likes to think outside the box. When facing a highly creative project, you'll definitely want this wise fellow by your side. The only time he was left speechless was when they revealed the whole Hodor thing... Yikes!

Resourceful Rogue

This one is a master of tools. He knows how to work in the most efficient, productive and time-saving way possible. For him, CAT is not a furry animal with nine lives, but a means to get things done properly. He acts in the shadow and goes unnoticed most of the time, but his contribution is priceless.

Diligent Druid

The force of nature (aka "coffee") flows through him, allowing him to work relentlessly until he reaches his objective. He never gives up and always strives for perfection, no matter how many obstacles have to be overcome to achieve it. If you have his blessing, your project is on the safe side.

Meticulous Minstrel

How to describe this member of the group?
I am sure you know that lovely bard from the Asterix comics. Well, there you go. He can be very insistent and a little finicky at times, but if you take a second and listen to his songs about consistency and the correctness of things, you will find a lot of truth in them.

Accurate Archer

No error, as small as it may be, is safe from the sharp eyes of this bowman. He is able to spot a faulty target and get rid of it in one single shot. When a proofreading or editing job is to be done, his talents are more than welcome. Missing commas, broken tags and double spaces, better hide well!

Polyvalent Paladin

The heart and soul of the group. He is a seasoned fighter that has survived many battles across all types of platforms and genres. He is not afraid of anything and always knows what to do. No matter what your project looks like, he will handle it. A real "jack-of-all-trados", if you will.

Elevate your game
to the next level.

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Polhaus and I am a localization specialist in the field of video games. I work from English (and Spanish) to German.

In 2013, after obtaining my University Degree in Translation and Interpreting, I started working as a freelance translator. Later, I decided to specialize in video games, when I was named one of the winners in the German Pro category of the LocJAM 3 localization contest in 2016.

Since then, I've had the pleasure to work on a large number of games spread across all platforms (PC, consoles, mobile...) and genres, from big budget AAA titles to small indie games. As an avid gamer myself, I feel comfortable with all types of games. This passion is what allows me to know exactly what players need and expect from a video game in their language.

I am just the right language professional for your project if you value fast communication, great team skills, high quality standards, technical knowledge of translation tools and an extremely creative mind.

Do you want to know more about me or the projects I have worked on? Would you like to discuss a potential project with me? Then feel free to contact me.

I am always looking forward to new localization adventures!

What can I do for you?

Video Games

I will translate or proofread your game and make sure that the result is nothing short of excellent.


Want to access new

markets and go global with your website? I can help you reach your German audience.

Apps & Software

Looking to localize your brand new app or program? Then let's get started, so we can launch it as soon as possible!


I offer testing and LQA services for already translated projects, providing you with a detailed report of all errors and/or changes.


These are some of the titles I had the pleasure to work on: